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Investment in Your Memories...

Our goal is to help capture the little moments in time that when combined together create a lifetime. Life tends to get busy and we forget to enjoy the present, the here and now, forgetting how quickly time passes by, forever lost in a memory. Photography gives us the power to look back in time and remember those special moments that passed by so quickly.

Through the artistic eye and skill of the medium of photography Vanessa Thelin is able to help you create an investment in your future through imagery. When hiring Thelin Photography you are investing in your memories. The photos from your session become more than images, they become a way to look back and recall today for years to come... Remembering the special moments forever.

Before your Session...

Before your session we like to get to know you and what your hoping for in your images. What do you want your photos to show? We want them to reflect your true personality, so lets discuss your hopes for your final images. To achieve the best pictures possible we like to get to know your style, and then work to show it off in your images. This is best achieved through a pre-portrait consultation. That way when we go into your session we will have an idea of what will happen and how to achieve our goals!


What to wear...
Timing of the session...

Clothing should be basic and not include any patterns, or bold distracting colors. Sleeveless shirts are not recommended, as bare arms can be distracting in the final images. If you are being photographed with others, such as a whole family, it is best to coordinate the attire to be similar shades and styles. The coordination of groups helps join everyone together, and does not leave one person singled out for different clothing. Another great thing to think about when coordinating colors is to consider where the final image will be displayed, and then coordinate the clothing to blend in with the surrounding area where the images will be hung.

As far as the timing of your session, this depends on if the pictures will be taken inside or outside. With indoor sessions times are much more flexible, as studio lighting is used to create the images. For outdoor sessions however, timing of the sessions is much more important. The best natural light occurs in the early morning and late afternoon, within 2 hours of sunrise and sunset. These hours create the most even light for portraits, eliminating harsh shadows and creating a 'sweet light'. The natural light during this time is a golden light, and is very complimentary for portraits. Cloudy days are also great for portraits, so don't call off your session just because the sun isn't shining! Cloudy days help create a soft even light which make great images.


What to Expect
During the Session and After...

On the day of your portrait session you should try to stay relaxed and remember to have fun! During the session you can expect a fun casual atmosphere. We love to work capturing candid moments, without forcing smiles and expressions. Don't think too much about the camera lens, and just have fun. We will have you just be yourself in front of the camera, with a little guidance to help create those priceless moments. The best pictures are often captured in those natural moments when you aren't posing, but rather are just being you! With family portrait sessions we strive to capture the interactions between families, those moments when the true bond of the family is shown through their love and connection with each other. For couple portraits we strive to capture those special moments when two become one, and the little details that remind you why you love the other person. We love capturing the whispering in the ear, the longing in each others eyes, and the true love between two people. Our philosophy with children, let kids be kids! Sure, we'll try to get some 'posed' shots, but we'll also get a lot of candid shots with a photographic professionalism that helps make them treasured images. When meeting kids we like to get down to their level and get to know them before we start taking pictures. This allows them to overlook the camera and talk to the photographer and not the camera.

After your session you can expect to be presented with priceless images of your portrait session within 1-2 weeks. You will return to the studio to view your images and place your order. After you place your order you can expect it to arrive within 4-6 weeks. All prints and products are professionally printed, created to the highest standard, and guaranteed to be cherished for years to come. If you have any complaints or problems we will work with you until the problem is corrected and you are happy. ~ 207-602-9272


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